Smartlam QA with Mat Northcutt

I had the pleasure of working onsite at Smartlam a few weeks back and I have a brief story to tell. This is Mathew Northcutt. He is Smartlam’s Quality Assurance (QA) Manager and has a very important role in the manufacturing of Cross Laminated Timbers (CLT). He and is his team inspect every panel that heads out of Smartlam’s manufacturing facility. I mean every inch of the panel. At times there can be several hundred CLT panels a week of different shapes, sizes, quality checklist etc. His process look’s something like this and is described below in detail by Mat himself.

 “To me, QA isn’t a set a process, it’s a way of life. Taking pride in everything we do and holding ourselves to higher standards creates a culture of continuous improvement. When a team only excepts excellence as its standards, quality becomes organic. Since each of our customers have different requirements, they require different solutions. With a set process, it is to slow at adapting to our Customer’s needs. With the cultural approach, this ensures quality from end to end for every solution we produce.” As for the final inspection, a unique checklist is created based on three factors;

1. The requirements established.

2. Any special instructions agreed upon.

3. Our Customer expectations.

In my mind its a very simple philosophy for an extremely detailed list of tasks that are vital to the success of any business. Mat and his team are the last line of defense and ensure that Smartlam has the highest quality CLT panel on the market. Team’s like Mats are changing the game- however tedious and painstakingly detailed it may be- the work they perform lays the foundation of quality that will undoubtedly be a successful a long term business investment. Great work Mat and Smartlam team for helping driving the N. American CLT standard! #Smartlamllc #Masstimber #QualityAssurance.