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Doug Fir Consulting


Forestry and Wood Products Focused

Doug Fir Consulting LLC provides professional services and analysis for forest, wood product industry and mass timber industry organizations. Services Include:

  • Forestry and Wood Product Industry Economic Research

  • Investment and Capital Planning Analysis

  • Business Operations Analysis

  • Business Support

  • Process Improvement and Database Integrations


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 “At first, the people talking about ecology were only defending the fishes, the animals, the forest, and the river. They didn’t realize that human beings were in the forest—and that these humans were the real ecologists, because they couldn’t live without the forest and the forest couldn’t be saved without them. ”




Charles was a great help to our research program. His First-hand knowledge of the western wood products industry and academic research experience made him a natural choice. Working with Charles has been wonderful. He has a great can-do attitude as well as the experience and knowledge needed to help answer our questions about the forest product industry.
— Todd Morgan, Director Forest Industry Research, Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) at University of Montana
He was able to consistently provide tangible results for us to successfully measure the gains in profit for our business.
— Dan Mcfall, COO CFO Stimson Lumber Co.



DFC’s mission is to help the wood product industry in all forms, improve its business efficiency, knowledge and awareness, and to become a more sustainable piece of the economy. DFC holds a strong code of ethics with data research and business information. Projects undergo a strict contract and scope of work process. Please use the contact us page to reach out about your project needs.

About DFC

Charles B. Gale

As a young boy I watched my old man work at the local plywood mill that supported our community, this helped shape my passion for wood products. After high school I told him I wanted to join the wood product industry and fight climate change, under his instruction I earned my degree first. Since graduating from the University of Montana, I’ve spent time working in the field as well as in a corporate office setting. I’ve worked on a multitude of very high profile projects for some of the most respectable companies in the industry. I’m passionate about all things wood products from the trees, to the finished products, and all of the people that make the industry what it is today. I look forward to helping you make your project a reality.