Forestry Research

DFC specializes in forestry and wood product industry research. Understanding the qualitative and quantitative methods to achieve knowledge on a particular subject is the name of the game. DFC has a proven track record of collecting highly sensitive business industry data and portraying it in a new light, while producing quality and factually relevant reports. A strict code of ethical conduct and NDA’s to prevent disclosure of sensitive information are always included in any project.

Starting rates or hourly rates dependent on project complexity.

Forestry Research

  • Logging utilization studies

  • Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Research

  • Economic Feasibility Studies

  • Risk analysis review and due diligence analysis

Mass Timber Research

  • Economic and supply chain research

  • DFC maintains one of the most robust North American Mass Timber Manufacturing databases in the field.

  • Currently building a North American Mass Timber Building Database to track the explosive growth in the building sector.

Project Specific

  • Contact DFC with your project details and we will provide project scope and consult.

Business Support

DFC will help you align your business to follow in a strategic and effective growth path. From sales, to product manufacturing, to capital project and ROI investment planning, DFC will deliver timely recommendations, analysis and support tools to alleviate issues and increase cost saving efficiencies and opportunities.


Sales and Operations planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Initial consultation fees apply.

Project implementation and management fees dependent on scope.

Please contact DFC for further information.

Project feasibility and Capital Project (ROI) analysis

Fees dependent on project, please contact DFC for further information.

  • Project modeling

  • Cost preparation

  • Engineering support

  • Process mapping

Business Operations

From day to day support of various business needs DFC will work to help support business process.

Fees dependent upon project complexity, please contact DFC for information.

 Log and Lumber Procurement

  • Identify key supply chain issues and work with team to resolve in timely and cost effective manor.

USNR Mill Expert Support

  • Log optimization consultation

  • Product mix simulation and support

Project Specific

  • Please contact DFC for project specific consultation and further information.

Process Improvement

Outdated manual processes in a wood product business are the norm. Revamp and improve your business functionality with real time insights to your sales, inventory, and manufacturing.


CRM \ ERP \ CMMS Implementations

DFC utilizes ZOHO as an app based relational database to customize various applications that will better support your business in key areas such as sales, inventory, production, and scheduling. At the end of the project the software will be passed off to internal management to maintain unless otherwise agreed upon. The only upfront cost is DFC’s fee to get started, the ZOHO app then requires an annual software fee. See Here for the ZOHO suite of Services.

Initial consultation fees apply.

Additional fees dependent upon length and scope of implementation.

Optional monthly support of software platforms for additional fee.

Please contact DFC for fees and further information.

  • Sales - CRM Implementation

  • Inventory Management

  • Production - ERP Process Management

    • Production scheduling

    • Product flow management

    • Quality tracking


Initial consultation fees apply.

Database setup and report/dashboard creation

Using Zoho Analytics and Microsoft BI

Please contact DFC for further information.